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It's everywhere, having a mass, occupying space to addict- it's all the basic nature of this substance (Zat Kimia = Chemistry), that became the philosophy behind their birth in 2010. Dangerous in a negative sense if its excessive, but it is good with the right amount. Shown by the presence of musicians Ian Joshua Stevenson (Vocal & Guitar), Bimo Haryputra (Guitar & Backing Vocal), Norbertus Rizki (Drum & Back Vocal) and Made Edi Kurniawan (Bass & Backing Vocal).
Zat Kimia appeared within five years after its initial formation. The band tried to be activated through experiments in the form of training, jamming, trying to cover some of Bjork, The Police to Radiohead's songs, even creating some songs in a studio owned by Ian.2015witnessed the rise of Zat Kimia to the surface through the song, Stoned Face Don't Lie.
Speaking on the band's genre, Ian said, "We don't know how to name our music style. Alternative, rock, but there's pop, too. Maybe this is the depiction of Zat Kimia: fluctuative and occupying several spaces of the genre. Our music and lyrics are developed during music practice, so we cannot be so sure on where to go ". Zat Kimia creates songs without special grips that attempt to "frame" each material, because they believe that good music is born freely.
In the midst of the euphoria of the emergence of wild and hard rock bands, Zat Kimia comes with something different, strong but gentle music arrangement, smooth but lethal stage action. Just like a Chemistry, they are invisible but always there.

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