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Yudelele Meets Balafon

Yudelele meets Balafon offers an unparalleled world music experience with a contemporary twist.    
Yude Andiko and Neo Akbar are the dynamic duo that make up the components of the Yudelele meets Balafon musical ensemble. They are unique in many aspects; not only are they both originally from the Magelang regency in Central Java, Indonesia, they both design and manufacture their instruments in Indonesia.
Having met through the vibrant music scene in Ubud, Bali, where they now both reside and perform, they were drawn together by the fact that they’ve both been on similar journeys in designing and producing their own instruments.

Yude Andiko (Yudelele)        
Yude composes drawing music inspiration from traditional Indonesian folk melodies to create what he describes as his ‘Java Blues’ sound.        
His soulful lyrics are a fusion of Javanese, Indonesian, English and his incomparable ‘lele speak’. Fused with the gamelan style rhythm and melodies of his uniqunes. Whilst travelling around Indonesia, Yude designed the yudelele as a travel guitar; a 6 string instrument tuned a 4th higher than a standard guitar. He now produces 6 models in Java, inspired and named after his favorite locations in Indonesia, which he sells online and in his shop in Canggu, west coast of Bali.    

Neo Akbar (Neo Balafon)        
Young indonesian musician Neo started to study gamelan in his hometown Yogyakarta then began to travel and perform in many towns around Indonesia for important events and festivals. In 2009 Neo started to be interested in African rhythms and drum percussion. Simultaneously he started to practice techniques of construction of drums and balafon. After a few years Neo became a teacher of drum and of balafon as well as working in making and selling balafon and drums. His dream is to continue with his music and compose new fusion rhythms between Indonesian and African sounds.        

 In collaboration with Catur Hariwijaya

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