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Organic Healing Sound
Brazil/ Portugal
Pedro is a musician passionate about exotic sounds and different ways to express prayers through music. He has dedicated the last 15 years of his life deep in research on sound healing, meditation, yoga and living a sustainable lifestyle.
This journey for a deeper approach on music brought Pedro to specialize in different therapeutic sounds, where he has collected a large variety of instruments from all over the globe to create music and soundscapes that help the listener to reach a space of inner connection, silence and peace. Some of the instruments he plays are: hang drum, ngoni, guitar, tibetan and quartz singing bowls, monocord, gong, Native American flute and many others.
In India, Pedro became a hatha yoga and yoga therapy instructor and also studied mantra chanting, drupad (ancient Indian classical music), vipassana meditation and became a Deeksha trainer at Oneness University. Pedro wanted to go further with his studies which brought him deep into the Amazon rainforest, were he spent some time with the Yawanawa tribe (Acre, Brazil). There he got in touch with their traditional ancestral medicines and he learnt some of their ancient sacred healing songs. It was in Barcelona where Pedro studied electronic music production at SAE, music harmony and also learned overtone singing.
Nowadays, together with his life partner, Pedro dedicates himself to offer yoga retreats and to facilitate workshops, sound journeys and healing experiences in major festivals of new consciousness and yoga conferences around the globe.
Find out more about Pedro at: www.organichealingsound.com
Maria Terra
“With trust and faith I walk my path, praying to my ancestors for remembering why I´m here...”
Maria is an experienced yogi, dance and women’s circle facilitator, traveler, moon dancer, writer and a guardian of the forest and indigenous peoples project. Maria attributes the Great Spirit for always being very kind and giving her the opportunity to study with true, authentic teachers and people all around the world.
Maria often goes on immersions in Mexico and in the Amazon rainforest, where she has been blessed to study with elders from the forest, indigenous people, wisdom keepers, grandmothers about nature and its mysteries, plants and their healing properties. Teaching Maria from their examples, words and many practices have removed Maria from her comfort zone but at the same time help me to grow and firm my prayers on earth. On the highest mountains of Himalayas in India, inspired by great teachers, Maria learnt about the art of yoga, meditation, stillness and wellbeing.
Maria believes and teaches that yoga is a path of life, a coherence between words, thoughts and actions. Yoga has taught Maria everyday to walk her talk, honor her existence, respect everything and everyone, be present, have a simple life and always be in gratitude. To always walk with humbleness, to ask permission, learn and teach about the beauty of life and the depth of our existence.
Find out more about Maria at - www.rootofthebeing.com 

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