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Sound Journey and Clear Transmissions
Join Skylove & Claire Costello for an amazing energy and sound healing journey and experience where you can fully let go, relax, heal your body, quiet your mind and recalibrate your whole being with a powerful combination of Clear Transmissions channeled source energy and the healing sound vibration to help you fully align with your true self, path and support your transformation and awakening process. Skylove will bathe you with a full spectrum of sound, washing over your body and mind, from deeply resonant didgeridoo and clearing gongs, to activating crystal bowls and purifying mantras. The sound is a powerful medium that can help clear blockages, release stagnant energy and balance your system for greater health and vitality. You will feel the difference with instruments tuned in a natural earth tuning of 432Hz! During the sound journey Claire will be giving the whole group and every individual Clear Transmissions Alignments, to Transform, Activate and Awaken for the Embodiment of your Souls Purpose! About Claire Claire is on an accelerated awakening journey travelling & sharing her gifts world-wide as an experienced channel, coach, mentor, healer, dancer, womans circle facilitator & dream creator. She has spent the past 7 years offering her Clear Transmissions services all over the world to individuals, groups, festivals, communities, spaces and our Mother Earth. Clear Transmissions are provided in person, remotely and online world-wide. To date, Claire has been a successful channel in healing ‘incurable’ physical conditions, facilitating emotional release, mental breakthroughs & spiritual alignment. Claire’s passion is to inspire others to create their ideal reality, empowering others to be restored back to health, wholeness and equilibrium. Her aim is to increase their connection to Spirit within, to bring freedom, empowerment and awakening, sharing light so that all can access their keys to healing, awareness and inner knowing. About SkyLove Skylove is an artist, sound healer and a yogi. From Maui, Hawaii, he has been traveling the World and leading Sound Journeys and meditations, facilitating workshops and retreats and sharing his consciousness activating art.
For more info please visit www.skyloveart.com.

My Speakers Sessions

Saturday, April 7

18:15 GMT+08