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Shirin Anjuna

Spiritual Healer. Soul Guidance
Shirin Anjuna is a spiritual healer, mindfulness coach and yoga teacher. Her holistic healing sessions focus on transformations guided by heaven and earth    to open your heart, activate your soul power, and clear your mind.
Shirin's function as a medium between the worlds blends her training from the Orient with the Occident; she has learned to connect the opposites and to    draw strength from it. Touched by extensive yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India, spiritually mentored by Mari Nil (Salubrious) and proficient    in Kundalini Activation, Shirin has been an active healer since 2012.
Shirin’s focus at BaliSpirit Festival 2018 is on clearing the paths towards Enlightenment, guided by the Spirit of Love, where ego does not have access. 
In this space we are whole, we are full of bliss - we are in paradise. 
From this space - from this beautiful light we can create our very own paradise. 
Shirin facilitates women's groups as well as light healing codes that will give you the power to reorder your life, reposition yourself and to realize    your own worth.
You can find Shirin in her work shops of offering individual healing sessions in the healing huts.
Learn more about Shirin Anjuna & Soul Light Being(tm) intuitive counseling, see: www.soullightbeing.com