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Acehnese Dance, Art and Music
Aceh's cultural art has always been a popular sight in Indonesia and even internationally. Rampoe UGM, is a Faculty Student Activity Unit (Unit Kegiatan Mahasiswa Fakultas or UKMF) Faculty of Cultural Sciences in Gadjah Mada University engaged in Acehnese dance, art and music. They were formed in December    2009, with over 200 active members from various departments, faculties, campuses, and ethnic groups in Yogyakarta.    
"Rampoe" (read: rampo) is taken from the Aceh language which means "diverse", a representation of the members' background and variations of dance that are studied, taught and danced by Rampoe UGM, such as: Likok Pulo dance, Rateb Meusekat dance, Ratoeh Duek / Ratouh Jaroe dance, Rapa'i Geleng dance, Tarek Pukat dance, Ranup Lampuan dance, Saman Gayo dance & Seudati dance.
 Starting from 2010, Rampoe UGM has participated in many local or international dance competitions. Currently they are the 2nd winner for 11th National Folklore Festival in FEB Universitas Indonesia (Category B) 2017, 3rd winner for 11th National Festival in FEB Universitas Indonesia (Category  C) in 2017, and first winner Grand Prix in Autumn Fairytale Competition in Prague, Czech Republic 2016.
They were also selected as Delegations, as Delegation of Republic Indonesia in Nan Ying International Folklore Festival Tainan City, Taiwan 2016, Festival Colours of The World (FESCO) in Chancellor Hall Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) Malaysia 2016, 24th Wereldfolkloreade Festival di Oostrozebeke,        Belgia 2014, and Delegation of South East Asia in both Festi’Roche - 9th Festival Chants Danses et Musiques du Monde, Perancis 2014 and in Festival Mondial de Folkore Ville de Saint-Ghislain 31st, Belgia in 2014.

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