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Rudy Ardianto

Visual Artist & Environmental Activist
Rudy is a passionate artist and campaigner for sustainable livelihoods, social change and community empowerment, infusing all his creative work with these principles. Rudy is the artistic director of SAPU upcycle, an artists collective in Salatiga, central Java.    
Inspired by their environmentalism, SAPU make exquisite upcycled accessories from reclaimed materials. All of their items are produced and distributed in ethical and socially responsible ways.Art as an educational tool has a special place at SAPU. Artistic activities such as workshops are a great way for us to also share knowledge about sustainable design and local environmental issues. Rudy runs up-cycling workshops for schools, universities and communities, and works in partnership with government institutions.
By sharing we can make a difference. Rudy and his team collect local waste, learn about local issues, share stories and grow our knowledge, from basic home repairs to crafty repurposing and sustainable living. For more information about Rudy, see: www.sapu-upcycle.com  & www.grakkart.com