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Taoism Yoga & Qi Gong
Ronan Tang (Tang Yijie), founder of Joy Space(China), is one of the China's leading teacher trainers. Ronan is highly skilled at leading therapeutic classes,    a fusion of physical, emotional spiritual aspects of the body, interlaced with a wealth of teachings around asana, pranayama, meditation, Chinese traditional    medicine, meridian massage, acupuncture, Taichi, Taoism Qi Kung. ancient and contemporary philosophy; in other words, a rich and balanced yoga experience.    Ronan's insightful teachings aim to help you cultivate balance and harmony in your life, on and off the yoga mat.
Instructed by Yoga guru BKS, Iyengar, Pranayama master OP Tiwari, Ayurveda doctor Jagdish and heart yoga master Mark Whitwell, Ronan has a good command    of yoga and therapeutic approaches. He has also led many groups to India for in-depth studies of traditional yoga and Ayurveda. Ronan has conducted    more than 5000 hours of teacher-training courses in several prestigious yoga institutions around China. He took part in the compilation, translation    and proofreading of authoritative yoga textbooks published within the country, and proofread the Chinese version of Light on Life by Iyengar.
While studying and practicing Yoga, Ronan has also delved into TCM classics, consulted famous TCM masters about the way to channelize meridians, chiropractic    treatment and the Taosit viscera-guided massage theories and practices. He also sought advices from Taichi masters on life energy cultivation techniques,    visiting renowned Taoist temples, studying traditional health promotion culture with great masters, and exploring the oriental life-nurturing approaches  with the help of the peer fellows.