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Melodic Sweetness & Storytelling
Riverbear Medicine is love translated into sound. Combining music, storytelling and poetry, Reggie takes you on a journey into the forest of the heart.    Where the songs of the birds and the stories of the rivers dance around you and give you a taste of the sweet nectar of life. Child of the Beauty Way,    Reggie Riverbear has devoted her life to the arts since age 4 through dance, music and theatrics. Reggie has spent the past decade traveling the world    as a musician and storyteller. Co-founder of a musical storytelling company, former lead singer of French Nilla and part of the R I T U A L D A N C E Co. (Opening act of BaliSpirit Festival 2017) the spark for bringing the arts of music, theater and dance together turned into a blazing fire of    love. Reggie’s offerings are openings to the world where ancient creation stories meet the simple truths of the universe. A celebration of creation through sweet melodies, simple words and warm sounds. After spending the past few years only sharing her songs and stories in ceremonial setting, the    doors have opened again to take the stage and to share with bigger audiences. Bringing the intimacy of ceremony into a larger setting is where the    magic happens. Releasing her debut album ‘Gratitude’ in the summer of 2017 has guided her to share her music here at BaliSpirit Festival.    
For more information about Riverbear Medicine, see: www.riverbearmedicine.com