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Ramsey Kattan

His first time at BaliSpirit Festival, Ramsey is the creator of workshops in AWOUOHE (Alternative Ways Of Understanding One Human Experience).
Ramsey Kattan graduated from the Munira School of Holistic Studies 4 year course (Barbara Brenon school of healing) He is a certified holistic therapist and energy healer.  He has been extensively researching consciousness, cosmology, ancient civilizations, Mystical traditions, Sacred Chanting and music, transpersonal psychology and art. He is currently working with holistic therapists, voice and meditation facilitators, life coaches, drama therapists, yogis, didgeridoo players, musicians and various artists and has developed a program on alternative ways of understanding our human experience which he intends to pursue moving forward.
Ramsey is a Direct Descendent of the Great Traveller Ibn Battuta, and has traveled extensively all through his life, especially since 2010. Ramsey has discovered many beautiful places, hiked, and camped in raw primitive surroundings, he has interacted with many people of different cultures across the world.
His passion for travel took him to many unusual places one of which is Socotra Island in Yemen that left a great impression on him. An experience and exhibit Ramsey created that was shared at the national museum of fine arts in Amman, Jordan.
Forever creative, Ramsey helped launch the first Skatepark in his home country of Jordan and is also one of the Co-creator's of the TBA collective: A collective that has created and enhanced the growth of the alternative scene in Amman Jordan. It supports local and independent artists uniting diverse sub cultures.  Creating events with the likes of Dj Vadim, Massive attack, Mr thing, Nickodemus and Dj Oh and supporting local talents such as 47 soul; Maurice louca; hello psycheleoppo and Yasmine Hamdan.
Adding to his healing toolbox, Ramsey’s study since 2016 has included: Expand the Box with Clinton Calahan SPAIN, Cosmic Gong Training with Angelo Surrinder and Don Conreux SPAIN, Keith Jhonston Improvisation Workshop LONDON, 32 Hours Learning Tabla and Voice NEPAL, Sufi Whirling Workshop with Ziya Azzazi AMMAN, 70 Hours Learning Darabuka TURKEY, 50 Hours Leaning Didgeridoo Sadhana Practice, Integral Sound Healing Training SVARAM Auroville INDIA and Darabuka with World Percussionist And Teacher Misirli Ahmet TURKEY.
Ramsey is a dedicated Festival goer and is a part of the core team of MANNA GATHERING, and has presented as a Healing Therapist at Being Gathering PORTUGAL, a Presenter at Fusion Festival – GERMANY, The Mukti Gathering – PALESTINE, and has been an Organizer of Manna Gathering (in Ancient Petra) since 2013.
For more information about Ramsey, please see: www.ruwwad.net