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Pete Longworth

The Art of Seeing & Blindfolded Yoga
An enchanting photographer with a talent for creating immersive experiences, Pete is a rose-smelling creative crusader. From festival stages to photo shoots,    presentations to art installations, he arouses sensuality, enlivens perspectives, and invites you to see the world, and yourself… differently.    
Shifting hearts and minds around the globe, Pete is a savvy speaker who has taken the stage for Nikon, Apple, Wanderlust, Lululemon and the Australian Government. He hosts wellness and creative retreats, facilitates at festivals and offers new eyes on old ways at corporate team buildings and private studios.    
A celebrated artist, Pete has adorned the screens of Cannes, is a two-time winner at the New York Independent Film Festival and was selected as Australia's featured artist for their National Day. A professional gypsy loaded with life lessons and visual poetry, Pete provides evocative love notes from the road less-travelled.        

To see more of Pete’s playground, please visit: www.petelongworth.com