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Nuthan Manohar

Inner Healing, Meditation & Ritual
Nuthan Manohar, is an MSc in Yoga and a behaviour specialist. She has 15 years of expertise in influencing community and individual behaviour and has been selected as among the top yoga therapists in India, success icon in Kerala etc. Her community projects have become UN case studies for best practices. She is the founder of Me Met Me, a school to improve quality of life through empathy, compassion and intuition. She used to manage strategy for Asia Pacific Countries for global clients, it was in 2010 that she decided to pursue her passion for yoga, healing and transforming lives. She invites you to radiate health and joy by letting go of pain and negativity, to embrace life, to get motivated and to realize the true potential of both your body and mind. She has taught in South East Asia, Middle East and Europe.
For more information about Nuthan, see: www.memetme.com