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Michael Hallock

Watsu & Healing Dance Aquatic Bodywork
Watsu with Michael Hallock & Satya Burger
Water soothes and supports as you float effortlessly, receiving stretch and massage and liberating movement. Watsu is in an extremely nurturing form of bodywork which reminds us of our own intrinsic safety, timelessness, and peace.
At Bali Spirit we will experiment with both giving and receiving with an aim to learn to share this art with friends and loved ones. Sessions begin with relaxation on land before we ease into the water.
Join us at Bali Spirit Monday-Friday 10:15am-12pm. Space is limited, so please arrive a little early to ensure your spot.
About Michael:
Dubbed the "Watsu king of Bali" Michael is widely respected in his field by trainers, practitioners, and clients alike.
For Michael his first experience of aquatic bodywork was "love at first float" when he discovered a quality of presence and peace he'd never known. In 1996, after this experience and other personal revelations gained through yoga and the healing arts, he left his native California forever. Since then his studies and work have taken him around the world, where has called Spain, India, Thailand, and Bali, home.
Since 2003 he has worked intensively with such renowned healing centers such as Chivasom Thailand, Golden Door Australia, and Fivelements Bali, honing his skills in bodywork, energy healing, and teaching yoga and meditation. Now after years of study and practice, he approaches healing and spirituality as a way of life.
Michael finds himself most at home when in the water. It is only natural that his talents as a therapist combined with his playful, sensual nature find their perfect expression in the water with aquatic bodywork. This profoundly relaxing therapy nurtures a transcendental connection with self and Source.
Michael now dedicates himself to leading meditation retreats around the world, and teaching his favorite style of aquatic bodywork, "Healing Dance", wherever there is a pool or a warm puddle.
His mission: share the peace he has discovered, and Watsu the world.