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Layla El Khadri

Artist, Transformational Dance Therapist & Life Coach
Layla is a transformational coach, empowerment mentor & manifestation guide. Above all she is an artist, one that believes art is a powerful tool for transformation. She is a thought leader in redefining what’s possible in personal life, dreams & career.
At BaliSpirit Festival, she will guide a workshop, a dance journey that will take us to experience the transformational power of art. In this case Dance & Music. Inside of each one of us there is an entire world of inner wisdom to unlock, revealing the magnificence that we all carry.
Through movement & the soundscape created by Dj Kamau Abayomi she will help us find doorways to the vast information that´s innate in our being and simple ways to utilize this information for healing & to speed up personal growth.
For more information about Layla, see: www.laylaelkhadri.com

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, April 4

14:15 GMT+08

Thursday, April 5

16:00 GMT+08

Saturday, April 7

16:15 GMT+08