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SomFala Rhythm Alchemy
Develop your Potential Through Joy and Rhythm!
Living and Thriving just outside of Lisbon, Portugal, Kula is a musician and therapist. Passionate for rhythm, he has developed a series of educational and transformational trainings and workshops using through rhythm, movement and song.  A soul Hunting Healer, Kula has Studied Biomusicology and facilitated Circle Songs with Bobby McFerrin, facilitates Drum Circles, Trance Dance and Laughter Yoga.
His first time at BaliSpirit Festival, Kula will facilitate SomFala Rhythm & Voice circle, Trance Dance, some Laughter Yoga and Taketina. TaKeTiNa is a method created in the 70's by the Austrian musician Reinhard Flatischler that uses rhythm as a tool to work the body, mind and senses. It is a collective, meditative and musical process for human development that transports us to an inner dimension where transformation and joy take place.
Taketina is a completely new way of learning, experiencing, and understand the connections among rhythm, music, and individual evolution. Taketina does not simply promote creativity and musicality; rather, creative-musical learning is closely tied to the growth of human qualities. Two basic abilities in particular are of importance both within music and in daily life: flexibility and connection. As these become an integral part of your being, you will find that rhythm will guide you to inner quiet, centeredness and aliveness.
"I believe that music inspires people to catch up and share their spirit, contributing to  conscious evolution towards more life, more love, more passion and more fun."
For more information about Kula, please see: www.ritmundo.com

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, April 3

10:15 GMT+08

Wednesday, April 4

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Thursday, April 5

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Friday, April 6

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