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UpLift Physical Theatre
Joan Howard is a physical theatre creator, slapstick acrobat and clown, co-founder of the ensemble theatre company Idiot String and the other half of the    acrobatic clown duo, Max & Antoinette. Joan teaches physical comedy at San Francisco Circus Center’s Clown Conservatory, clowns with the Medical    Clown Project, and is a slapstick choreographer for Bay Area Children's Theatre. She is a graduate of Flying Actor Studio’s Physical Theatre Conservatory. Joan is compassionate and devoted to inciting delight, and provoking meaningful human interaction through play.    
Hannah (AcroJester) is a movement-theatre creator, clown, and teaching artist based in San Francisco, a core member of UpLift Physical Theatre and one half of the acrobatic clown duo, Max & Antoinette. Hannah is a ferociously earnest fool at heart, disarming the world through joyful play, physical engagement, and authentic connection. In San Francisco, Hannah manages the youth circus performance program at AcroSports, works as a clown with the Medical Clown Project, teaches at the Clown Conservatory in San Francisco and performs with Clowns Without Borders, providing entertainment in crisis situations as a means of psychological support to communities who have suffered trauma.
For more information about Joan and Hannah, see: www.hannahgaff.com