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Anchoring The Light
Ancient wisdom for a Modern age.    

Remember who You are. Awaken your Potential!    

Anchoring the Light is a process of awakening to our fullest potential and remembering the truth of who we really are - our Divine Nature beyond the  Mind. Respectfully and reverently merging aspects of Ritual and Ceremony from Ancient traditions and weaving them into a modern accessible way. We come together in powerful prayer to open the Realm and the Gateway to Spirit – to call in a new way for ourselves, Pacha Mama and all of her children.     When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. When we live our dreams, we give others permission to live theirs also.    

Find Bali Spirit Festival friend and beautiful soul, Jemmita with the Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremony on Thursday. Jemmita will be joined for the Ceremony by festival friends Temple Step, Matiu Te Huki and Raio.  
Immerse yourself in Shamanic traditions, ceremony and retreat. Awaken to your magnificence at www.anchoringthelight.com