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Gaia Dance
“Dance your heart away, it’s a shortcut to happiness. Made by love, for love with love. All love.”
Izzat Emir Jalaluddin grew up in Kuala Lumpur, within hip-hop culture, learning about the essence of hip-hop dance and mastering its techniques. A winner of multiple competitions within the country and abroad, Izzat has been representing the Giller Battle Crew - the best B-Boy crew in Malaysia - since 2003. He has shared the stage with world-class artists, including Mizz Nina, Gillian Chung, and others. Izzat is a member of the Bronx Boy Rocking Crew (TBB), New York - one of the top crews in the history of hip-hop worldwide.

Around 2010, Izzat discovered Latin dance and culture and his passion for dance expanded into learning and practicing Capoeira, Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and other Latino dance. Today Izzat brings a fusion of hip-hop to Latin and African dances, creating a unique performance and teaching style.

Izzat has come to BaliSpirit Festival many times and we are honored to have him teach his signature Gaia Dance this year.

Based on the 5 elements, Gaia Dance is an embodiment practice that is meant to build the connection betwen body, mind and soul. The 5 Elements represent different nature of the movements creating a unique dynamics of the dance.

This embodiment practice helps release stress, evoke creativity and connect back to the flow of life through exploration of your own body. This embodiment practice can be performed solo, in couples, or in groups and is recommended for dancers and dance instructors in particular, as it's opening another dimension to a sacred world of the dance, making creativity flow.

Izzat is passionate about dance being a powerful tool to develop one’s body and soul. He is inspired to share his love of dancing in every way possible performing, teaching, dancing everywhere he goes.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, April 4

15:00 GMT+08

Thursday, April 5

14:15 GMT+08

15:00 GMT+08

Friday, April 6

15:00 GMT+08

Saturday, April 7

10:15 GMT+08

15:00 GMT+08