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Haribhakti Dey

Ecstatic Kirtan
Haribhakti was born and raised in India from a father and mother, both trained musicians, from completely different musical and cultural backgrounds of India and Colombia, Haribhakti is a gifted musician. He is a well-trained vocalist and harmonium player whom is a dedicated student and exponent of Indian Classical Music by renowned teachers in India. His singing has been described by his teachers as having the "causeless mercy of Mother Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) and a blessing for Bhajan Sangeet to continue”. Haribhakti Dey has since performed numerous concerts throughout India as a solo artist and also in company with some very prominent Indian performance artists and most recently taken it to the world stage with concerts in Canada, England, Australia and the Philippines. As his first trip to the states, he is quickly catching the attention and respect of many, with countless invitations for private concerts and performances.