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GPS For The Soul
GPS for the Soul with Hannah Star: Align your inner compass with your true North. The work Hannah Star facilitates is the empowerment of ones highest potential and soul mission. Helping those she works with become confident in their gifts and hearts song to share with the world. This is the work of connecting the Soul and its wisdom to the everyday life. Deprogramming the old beliefs of disempowerment and reprogramming the aura, heart, subconscious and body with positive belief systems. In order for you to shift your self to your divine blueprint in life. To be, feel and create your passion which is your purpose. Take the journey deeper into yourself and invest in transforming all facets of your being. You are eternal, you are the soul frequency. Embody the essence of who you truly are. GPS for the Soul provides a platform for which you get to experience your divinity and map your destiny from the access of the Soul.