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Urban Folk / Sound Healing
This will be Haji Basim’s second year at BaliSpirit and we are so happy to have him back!
Haji Basim is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of Folk, R&B, and World music. An award winning internationally touring multi-Instrumentalist and singer songwriter, Haji Basim has created a new genre called Urban Folk.
His refreshing and innovative blend of urban folk falls somewhere in between the intimacy of artists such as Sufjan Stevens or Josè Gonzales and the sensuality and groove of performers such as D'Angelo or The Weeknd, just to mention a few.
His brand of Urban Folk music was created from the influences of several styles including Folk, Soul, Hip Hop, Flamenco, Bossa Nova and Neo Soul. In finding deep connection with other genres of music, Haji humbly makes it evident, "“It is not genre that makes music great, but the ability to translate emotion and thought". ”
Holistic Method Music
Haji is the Lead instructor of The Holistic Method: Music Instruction. teaching musicians and non musician to connect with their instruments. The Method is based off elements of meditation and fundamental music theory. The focus of the method is to deepen the relationship between the musician and there instrument. Currently Haji holds workshops and lessons on the Guitar, Ukulele, and voice.
Holistic Sound Healing Sitar Session
The Holistic Sound Healing Sitar Sessions with Haji Basim is a breathwork, guided meditation, and frequency tuning experience. With the use of the mystical tones of the Sitar, musician and meditation instructor Haji Basim facilitates tranquil and rejuvenating sound healing sessions. The sitar's characteristic 'lush background drone' makes it perfect for deepening one’s meditation in a Holistic sound healing session.
For more info about Haji Basim, see: www.HolsitcMethodMusic.com or www.HajiBasim.com

My Speakers Sessions

Tuesday, April 3

11:00 GMT+08

Wednesday, April 4

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Thursday, April 5

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Sunday, April 8

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