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Zenthai Shiatsu
Zenthai shiatsu was created by Gwyn Williams over 15 years ago, as a fusion of Zen shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique. The sacredness of touch continues to be his inspiration, the evolution continues whilst welcoming any music or movement form that bring us away from division and back home to unity and ultimately true freedom.
Gwyn's work can be explored through his book ' The Zen of touch ', the Zenthai Shiatsu website or the Zenthai healing centers in Australia (Sunny coast, qld) or Bali (Shanti Agung Retreat Centre). More recently the Zenthai bodywork has evolved into a rhythmic, fluid yoga asana practice involving the 5 elements, however it is noted that whenever one is in "a state of trust, curiously exploring and fully engaging in the moment" we are in the practice of Zenthai.
 For more information about Gwyn, see: http://zenthaishiatsu.com/