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Faith Lopez

Visual Arts & Ojo De Dios Mandala Workshops
Born in a family where crochet is a living tradition, Faith is a crafter and a visual artist from Manila, Philippines who works as a marketing person, junior graphic artist, and a writer at present; a wanderlust and a traveller by nature who has a passion for music, culture, and arts. Her great imagination has allowed her to dedicate her past time into different works of art—from doodling, painting, handmade jewellery crafting, scrapbooking, to crocheting.    
Inspired by ancient symbols, different universal patterns, and natural geometric figures, she began exploring fiber arts as her medium in 2016. Focusing mainly on crocheted Sacred Geometry Arts, she conducted several workshops and showcased her visual arts in different events and festivals in the Philippines.
 As her first crocheted piece began to take shape, her versatility did not stop her from being passionate about learning different weaving styles of different concepts such as dreamcatchers and Ojo de Dios mandalas.
 In lieu of textile and yarn, her spontaneous fiber arts offer her a reflection of her higher consciousness which helps her express, see, and heal herself. It also provides her a deep, cathartic creative process and facilitates the self-mirroring of her inner life which serves as her meditation and also as an honest self-exploration— “It is mainly the artistic sacred silence found in the deepest meditation.”  
 She believes that her art allows her to achieve mindfulness, the state of being in which we are fully immersed in the present moment. She finds crocheting and other forms of weaving as ideal meditative activity, leading her to that “zen” state of mind, allowing the brain and the body to both rejuvenate and de-stress themselves, bringing back the positive energy through her vibrant-colored yarns and unique         rhytmic stitches.