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Soulful Heart Songs
Bali/ USA
Elah & AuSierra are international musicians, ceremonialists and transformational guides. They are two unique artists who have come together to  co-create offerings that invoke soul revival, inspire heart opening, and awaken a remembering of the pure love and potential that lives within us all. Elah & AuSierra's intention with their music and ceremonies is to create a harmonic field where all of humanity feels welcome to participate in the song, collective healing and unity. They are blessed to have carried these offerings into the hearts of many around the world from Bali to Thailand, Australia, Singapore and North America. Elah & AuSierra's SoulFULL Song & Cacao Ceremony is an opportunity to open the voice        and heart using the sacred cacao sacrament as a holistic elixir of vitality, healing and activation to peel away any hardness from our hearts and take us to new heights and clarity. This ceremony is a guided journey into the mysteries of one's psyche and soul; a place to integrate and transform the lessons of life. Elah & AuSierra's original music, channeled messages, sound healing instruments are all used as powerful transformational     tools that can catalyze deep states of healing trance, activation and release; opening you into new profound states of heart coherence, expression, transformation, visions and bliss.  
For more information about Elah & AuSierra, see: www.elahandausierra.com

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