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Anti-Bullying dan Child Online Protection
Diena Haryana is the Founder of SEJIWA Foundation, established in 2004.
The foundation works on Child Protection initiatives, particularly in the areas of anti violence against children, such as bullying, child online protection,    and sexual violence against children. She believes that parents and teachers need to practice good parenting skills to enable them to create positive    atmosphere conducive for children to grow and develop optimally. She has created various workshop modules on the topics highly relevant for parents    and teachers to learn parenting skills and strategies, and has trained her staff, parents and teachers to be able to then to teach other parents and    teachers. She has an enormous passion for people development, particularly in the areas of child protection.
Currently Diena Haryana is also an activist for ID COP (Child Online Protection), which is a facilitation channel for many competencies working in protecting    children online against cyber crime, online addictions and cyber bullying. ID COP is formed by some organizations: KPAI, Ecpat Indonesia, ICT Watch,    Nawala, SEJIWA, and TIC’s volunteers.
Diena is also one of the founders of CRC Asia (Child Rights Coalition Asia), a coalition of organizations within Asia on Child Rights and Child Protection,    established in 2008, based in Manila, The Philippines.
SEJIWA, her organization, is also a member of Aliansi PKTA (Aliansi Penghapusan Kekerasan Terhadap Anak/Alliance for the Elimination of Violence against    Children), consisting of 24 Child Rights & Child Protection organizations in Indonesia.
Diena is passionate in her work, either as a workshop facilitator, public speaker, life coach, and family counsellor. Every opportunity is an access for    her to raise awareness on how to improve parenting skills and to protect children in all settings. Her dream is to see all children live in a happy    and safe environment where they can grow and develop optimally to actualize their potentials.
For more information about Diena, see: www.sejiwa.org 

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