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The Law of Attraction
Currently found teaching Lotus Flow & working closely with Dana Trixie Flynn at Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers NYC, Deborah Langley has spent the past 20 years on a journey that began in the fitness industry and morphed in the study of yoga, self enquiry, and our ability to step into the power we inherently have to create and manifest...
Over the years, Deborah has invested time & energy in many forms of yoga, from Ashtanga to Bikram to Hatha to Vinyasa, the latter being her chosen practice to get into happy zone, the flow state, or hOMe! Deborah found that a challenging Vinyasa Yoga practice made the connection of body, mind and spirit more accessible - in a way that reveals the 'issues in our tissues’ and offers a direct opportunity to make friends with pains and emotions on this path to inner peace. A journey with skin rashes over a period of years lead her down a meant-to-be-journey to explore the mind-body relationship and how all of this relates to our spirit. “There was a time when I couldn’t even practice physical poses; it became more about mastering the mind through making peace with what IS, and DEFINITELY playing my harmonium."
In recent years, Deborah is most inspired to share the teachings of The Law of Attraction. “Each experience leads us to the next, and I guess my path was asking me to question my energy set up and how I can become more masterful at managing what Im putting out for. When we are happy, we are more available to serve. Step one is to do the work to get in the happy zone."
“Many people consider the Law of Attraction to be system of philosophy that we either believe in or we don’t”, says Deborah. “And yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s a Universal Law, like gravity, and it’s in play whether we believe in it or not. So I say the sooner we be-friend the process, the sooner we can re-claim conscious influence over our life’s experiences. I’m on the path like everyone else, and no doubt it’s a daily practice. My theory is that the more of us on it, the faster we can evolve together, back to our LIGHT."
Deborah has studied intuitive healing therapies with Brandon Bays ( Journey Therapy), and Simon and Yvette Rose, (Reference Point Therapy). Foundations of healing gained through this study are incorporated into Deborah’s Yoga classes & retreats.
Deborah’s Yoga teachers include Dana Trixie Flynn (Laughing Lotus), Abby (Katonah Yoga NYC)Baron Baptiste (Baptiste), Duncan Peak, (Power Living Australia), Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine) & Noah Maze (Yoga Maze).
Sessions with Deborah offer the opportunity to develop a deeper relationship with your SELF. You can expect philosophy that leads us to our happy place, and Vinyasa Flow that feels GOOD!
For more info on Deborah, see: www.deborahlangley.com

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