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USA/ Singapore
Returning to BaliSpirit Festival for the 4th year, Amber Sawyer, an Embodiment Facilitator, shares the joy of living through holistic practices of yoga, active meditations, and elemental wellness. With over 17 years of study and practice in Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation, as well as a PhD in Biomedical Engineering in the field of stem-cell tissue repair, Amber brings a unique perspective on healing and self-discovery through the influence of scientific and ancient wisdoms. From 2009 - 2017, Amber founded a community in the heart of Singapore known as Satsanga where she has offered weekly active meditation and yoga classes, Kirtans and community events. After enjoying the conscious birth of her little one, Amber currently travels the world with her family, inspiring holistic living through her practice of Embodied Elementals, an offering of Elemental Health Coaching, active meditation, yoga, retreats, immersions and conscious festival organization.
Amber teaches Active Meditations, which are structured meditation methods that consciously bring the practitioner from the periphery to the center of the storm, to that place of witnessing, to that place where one can reside in awareness while all continues to exist around them. By using movement or sound, combined with full attention, Amber step by step activates mindfulness in her classes, subtle sensations are felt, she guides students to move from the outside in, becoming aware of body, breath, physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and the gaps of silence in between them. It is in this place of watchfulness to become free to fully experience the present moment. These methods use movement and sound, they are easy to learn and quite profound especially when practiced in a group.
For more information about Amber, see: www.singasatsanga.com

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